Press Release

CALLING FROM THE PAST – Portraits of Native Americans by Cynthia Marsh.


When: Saturday, February 25th – Saturday April 29th 

Where:  SweetBird Studio, 198 2nd Ave.  Niwot CO 80544,

Contact:  Nancy Phone:  303-440-9891  

Opening Reception: Saturday February 25th from 1-5pm





Artist Statement:


‘Even though one generation passes from this earth, somehow many of each generation’s hopes, ideas, and dreams seem to seek ground in generations following.  Even if destroyed or buried, each generation’s best ancestral ideals call to us across time, seeping up through the modern ground of our being like some inexhaustible artesian spring that undergirds our existence.’ – Clarissa Pinkola Estes


These paintings have been created with contemplation and reverence for our nation’s first people and are a calling from the past to bring light and peace to the present. – Cynthia Marsh


Arapaho, Cheyenne, Crow and Sioux Indians will be on display in Cynthia Marsh’s latest painting series titled: CALLING FROM THE PAST. Of local interest is a portrait of Chief Left Hand whose image (until recently) was considered unknown. But thanks to the research of the late Elizabeth Darling of Niwot, Ava Hamilton (Arapaho and a descendant of Chief Left Hand), and Arapaho artist and sculptor Eddie Running Wolf, a photograph of Chief Left Hand has been identified.

 “Often called a peace chief, Left Hand’s name is being included with such advocates for peace as Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi. “– Ava Hamilton

Although the 154 year old photograph was of poor quality, Marsh used her training as a Forensic Artist to create the portrait.

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